Other Specialized training provided anytime, any venue on request

Drug and human trafficking
Counterfeiting good
Maritime piracy
Financial investigations, Governance courses
Money laundering and Assert Recovery
Forensic Investigations
Cyber Security
Legal Drafting
Policy analysis and implementation
National Payment Systems
Smart Mining
Leadership Development Programme for Parliamentarians
Leadership development
Court Management
Records Management
Data Management
IT Audit, Microsoft Entourage Server
VSAT installer
CISCO certified courses
Knowledge Management and the Management of Intangible Assets
Local governance management
Municipal Finance and Taxation
Hospital Management
Women in Leadership
Participation in Local Economic Development (LED)
Community Development Programmes
Youth Leadership Programmes
Strategic Leadership Programme for Government Officials and Private Sector Management
Leadership Development to manage and reduce Gender-Based Violence
Microfinance Training
Quality Assurance, Marketing management, Business Development
Planning Techniques, Human Resources Solutions, Finance auditing