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About Us

JEYAX is a leading strategic capacity building, training, conferencing, research and consultancy service provider. JEYAX is governed by a board of directors with a wealth of combination of expertise, knowledge and experience gained over years of practical work in leading international and regional organizations in Africa and beyond.


JEYAX is committed to advancing the performance of business executives from government departments, civil society organizations, corporate sector and individual institutions through strengthening management, technical expertise and information systems towards enhancing organizational effectiveness. This is achieved through excellent seamless expert service delivery. Our team is highly experienced and professional. JEYAX has a staff compliment of multi-national, multi-lingual teams and clients from many African countries.

Our Online Courses

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Popular Courses

Governance Courses

• Court Management and Judiciary Administration, • Anti-corruption, Integrity and corporate Governance • Ethical Issues in the Judiciary Systems • Keys Skills for Effective Governance

Banking Courses

• Policy auditing in central banks • Basel III, Risk Assessment and Stress Testing – Virtual Learning • Foreign Exchange, Money Markets and Derivatives • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and 2022 Updates

Law Courses

• Prosecuting cybercrime cases • Legal Compliance Monitoring • Ethical Issues in the Judiciary Systems • Court Management and Judiciary Administration

Health, Energy, Environment & Mining courses

• Community Health Project Planning and Management • Dietary Management and Treatments of HIV/AIDS • Introduction to nuclear energy and radiation protection law • Women Empowerment, Gender Issues and Sustainable Development

Office Management

• The 21st Century Company Secretary and Board Administration: Reinforcing Effective Governance • Registry Management and electronic Records Management Course • Advanced office management for administrative executive and personal assistants • Modern approaches to retailing and customer relationship management

Information Technology Courses

• Information Security, Infrastructure, Digital Forensics and Ethical Hacking • Network Security Administration and Management • Information Technology Systems Development • Data Management • T Audit, Risk Management, Governance and Cybercrime Prevention

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We Are Different from others

Training Methodology

Our training is action oriented and participatory in nature. We use a variety of methods based on andrological training (adult learning) methodologies while recognizing prior acquired knowledge. This includes case studies, group work, role-plays and peer support, complimented by presentations on relevant theoretical frameworks and emergent thinking and trends.

Excellent Faculty

All our trainers are holders of masters degree and above and have years of experience in both training and industry.

Perfect Programs

Our courses are well researched to meet the clients needs



JEYAX is also a member of the South African Quality Institute (SAQI) that beliefs that Quality approach is the foundation for success and a better quality of life for all our peoples. SAQI promotes Quality awareness in all products and services to spontaneously include quality in all their activities including including training


JEYAX is accredited with the Media, Information and Communication Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority, the “MICT SETA” JEYAX LPA/00/2012/07/918 under the Information Technology Sub-Sector


JEYAX Development and Training is accredited by The National Industrial Training authority [NITA] of Kenya as a training and capacity building provider No. NITA/TRN/1264). JEYAX adheres to NITA requirements of promoting the highest standards in the quality and efficiency of Industrial Training in Kenya and ensures adequate development of properly trained manpower at all levels in industry.


JEYAX is accredited with the ETDP SETA no. ETDP10776 to also provide courses under the Higher Education Board of South Africa. In light of this, we operate within the requisite “Quality Management system” (QMS) that is designed to meet ISO requirements and relevant Statutory, Regulatory and Legal bodies. The QMS is also informed by the South African Qualifications Act (Act 58 of 1995), SAQA Regulation No R452 of 1998, SAQA Regulation No R1127 of 1998, Skills Development Act (Act 97 of 1998), Skills Development Levies Act (Act 9 of 1999), Employment Equity Act (Act 55 of 1998), Further Education and Training Act (Act 98 of 1998), Higher Education and Training Act (Act 101 of 1997), Adult Based Education and Training Act (Act 52 of 2000), National Education Policy Act (Act 27 of 1996) , Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Occupational Health & Safety Act, Labour Relations Act.