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Jeyax is a leading strategic capacity building, training, conferencing, research and consultancy service provider. Jeyax is governed by a board of directors with a wealth of combination of expertise, knowledge and experience gained over years of practical work in leading international and regional organisations in Africa and beyond.

Jeyax is committed to advancing the performance of business executives from government departments, civil society organisations, corporate sector and individual institutions through strengthening management, technical expertise and information systems towards enhancing organisational effectiveness. This is achieved through excellent seamless expert service delivery. Our team is highly experienced and professional. Jeyax has a staff compliment of multi-national, multi-lingual teams and clients from many African countries.

Visa Information & Accomodation

We propose and assist delegates as far as possible with travel and hotel accommodation arrangements at the training venue or close by.


We organize conferences on topical and emerging issues of global concern in order to facilitate debate and enhance policy development.

Jeyax Training

We offer relevant training courses with per-determined set dates, venue and rates. These courses are informed by current developments and industry demands.

Applications are open for various training events and beneficiaries pay competitive market oriented tuition fee for the training. They also cover their travel, accommodation and dinner. For those sponsored clients, given that funding solicitation process could be lengthy, participants are advised to submit such applications early enough to their organizations / Ministries or appropriate sponsors in order to avoid last minute confirmation.

Most of Jeyax courses are based in Pretoria South, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town. Training events are also organize in other regions and countries in Africa including in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Rwanda and in Dubai, Mauritius, Singapore etc. In-house tailor made training is also provided all over Africa for requesting clients.

Our training is action oriented and participatory in nature. We use a variety of methods based on andrological training (adult learning) methodologies while recognizing prior acquired knowledge. This includes case studies, group work, role-plays and peer support, complimented by presentations on relevant theoretical frameworks and emergent thinking and trends.

Beneficiaries of the training are drawn from various sectors including government departments/ministries, parastatals, human rights agencies, international, national and local NGOs, donor agencies, support organizations, civil society, umbrella bodies, research institutions, corporate world, and business.

We provide international training, in selected locations in South Africa, Dubai and elsewhere, national level training in various African countries, tailor-made training and in-house training to a broad spectrum of audiences from senior executives to support staff.

We endeavor to provide participatory, valuable, action-oriented training guided by our highly experienced trainers and practitioners. We utilize expert experienced professionals in various fields, handpicked from Africa. We believe in building Africa from within, for and by Africans.

Hi Nollie,
Thank you for hosting such a wonderful training JEYAX team. The training which we had had on Power Saving Mechanisms was such a wonderful one and we will never run out of our memory. To me personally it has created a positive scar in my heart. Allow me to inform you the positive effects of the training are always seen in our daily job output. With inexpressible joy and happiness I wish you and JEYAX family progress and prosperity.
With regards,

Dear Jemima,
I reached safely and back in office. It was a pleasure to attend the training at JEYAX. Will keep the network open.

Dear Nollie,
In my name and on behalf of my colleagues, as we said during the cocktail and graduation, it has been a pleasure for us to be with you all and for attending a very important training to us.
We are going to keep in touch for any further news about trainings at JEYAX which we are more than looking forward to attend
We hope to hear from you soon.
Best regards.
Mozambique Tax Authority

Hi Jemima
I thank Jeyax Development and Training for hosting us. I and my colleagues had a nice time with you. We are very grateful and hope to see you again.
Greetings to everybody.
ESCOM Malawi

Dear Nollie,
We indeed had a safe journey back home.
Memories of JEYAX are still fresh especially the Facilitation, trying to find ways to penetrate through for the gender imbalance is not easy but we are working hard at it now that we have all the skills acquired from JEYAX. Well done
Thanks for according us such a training. We shall be in touch.
Dear Jemima,
We had a safe trip back home. This is just to thank you and your staff for a good hospitality. JEYAX staff were so friendly and helpful and this made our stay in South Africa very wonderful. It was such a good experience and will live to remember it. The facilitator was very good, knowledgeable and inspiring. The training was an eye opener which has shaped my mind set and will work towards enhancing my performance. I would not hesitate to recommend Jeyax to my friends and colleagues.
Keep up the good work and once again pass on my appreciation to all your staff.
Dear Jemima
My trip back was just great.
The course was great and it really taught me a lot. Barbara is such a good facilitator. My boss will see a great change. You have a good staff they are all so nice. Patrick was a gem. Please thank them all for their kindness and help.

Dear Jemima,
I, would like to thank you and everybody at JEYAX for the wonderful time we spent in Pretoria and for going out of your way to make our stay comfortable.
I will certainly stay in touch and come back at the earliest opportunity.

Dear Jemima,

We had safe journey back home and appreciated the training and your hospitality beside the interaction with our brothers and sisters from other countries which I believe was every enriching. We enjoyed the tours especially with the able hand of commander Patrick. We have gained thorough knowledge on mobilization of funds for our municipality. Sincerely thank you for everything, even for the choice of guesthouse in a quiet and safe environment..
Yours sincerely,
Nakuru County Government

Hi Gracia.
We were humbled by your hospitality and the good training. We shall be good ambassadors for JEYAX.
We shall miss u guys. Pass regards to all.

Dear Gracia,
Our trip back home was a great one and reached home safely.
Once again we thank you all for your hospitality and knowledge gain will make a positive impact in our lives and to the organisation as well.
We will not hesitate to contact you where need be.
Kind regards,

Good morning,
Indeed we had a safe trip although we would loved to stay much longer.
We really enjoyed the training and it was an eye opener to us all. We liked the training and hope next time you will communicate with our Training Manager for another training..
Thank you for the presentations and hope to hear more from you
Pass on our regards to everyone.

Dear Gracia
It was a pleasure having my training with JEYAX.
I was truly impressed with the teamwork spirit, knowledge and friendly touch everyone had.
Kindly let’s keep in touch and welcome to Tanzania!

Hi Jemima,
Many thanks for hosting me. I proceeded on leave and now am back in the office. Your staff are professional and friendly, I was at home. The training was excellent. We will keep in touch and I hope to be there again in the near future.

Hello everyone,
I acknowledge with thanks the hospitality at your institute during the time I spend with JEYAX. I had a very safe trip home and thanks again for everything you did for me.
Kind regards,

Dear Jemima Kariri,
Thank you very much for your directives you gave us during the entire period of the training. I really enjoyed it and I am sure the materials you gave us will improve our work. Once again thank you very much.
Kind Regards
Actually it was the kind of enjoyable and learned trip ever, from the deepest part of my heart I would like to express my special thanks to you Madam Jemima and JEYAX in particular for the knowledge and skills I have acquired during the course.

Receive my heart appreciations Jemima.
It was lovely my pleasure having JEYAX to train me. I believe you too safely arrived home. Welcome again and again to Tanzania. The training was excellent and now I can draft real good opinions and judgements.

Good day,
Thanks so much for such a marvelous care during our training with JEYAX! You are so caring that I feel so much indebted in making use of whatever you imparted on us. I cannot dare to loose you in my career. You are a sort of those charismatic and patriotic guys I have been reading of and watching now and then thinking that they are no longer available. You are a special, stay blessed. On part, I arrived safely in Dar es Salaam and I am doing good.
May the Almighty God keep on blessing you abundantly!

Dear Jemima,
My long journey back home was quite adventurous but it does not cancel the good experience I had in Arusha.
The training exposed me to many important issues which are a must for any organization to mind about, especially while in the service sector.
Now and again, I refer to the experience I got in many of my encounters. I am also preparing a formal presentation to groups of units in-charges.

Good afternoon Jemima,
I hope this will find you all well in Pretoria as a Jeyax Training development Institution.
I wish we shall definitely be meeting again this year or probably early next year 2017.

Thanks, we real enjoy JEYAX services, it is very useful to us!

Good day,

On behalf of my fellow colleagues we are thanksful for JEYAX Development Training support. We shall keep you in touch if we could have been similar training provided by the Jeyax for facilitation.
Kindly Regards

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